Since our birth in 2016, OREKA TRAINING has been characterized by an unwavering spirit of search and an attitude of adaptation and improvement that has put us where we are today, becoming an internationally recognized brand.
A journey that has been possible thanks to the union and trust of those who make up OREKA TRAINING, and values that have made us one, stronger, more capable. A catalogue that reflects our passion for offering the user global and innovative solutions, a proof of our certainty that we are offering the user a product of unbeatable quality.
OREKA TRAINING today is a brand recognized by many for its ability to propose, anticipate ideas and lead changes that will help us all to change the way we understand sport in the coming years.


Our values set us on a path with a traditional basis but with an innovative structure and conceptualization.
Our way of understanding work, the day to day, the way we live and respect sport, how we feel and experience it. Our values arise from the feelings that we at OREKA TRAINING experience on a daily basis, feelings that we believe in and fight for.
A declaration in all rules: we are ambitious, we like to learn, to expand, to compete, to be free, international, to evolve always, to be in contact with the last trends to propose last technologies and, mainly, to guarantee the best possible product.


We want to continue to grow and develop OREKA TRAINING as a European brand that is a world reference in providing services and/or solutions for a sport-loving end user.we want to be considered by our client, the end user, as a brand that solves their problems, and accompanies them in their sports leisure activities, and is a reference for a set of values and emotions with which they identify.we want to generate alliances with local distributors and other partners, who join the OREKA TRAINING project and participate in its vision.


Fundación Euskadi
More than a sport, a lifestyle.
The Fundación Euskadi de ciclismo was born when a group of cycling lovers decided to promote more than a sport, a lifestyle. Work, seriousness, commitment, discipline, ambition and respect are some of
the values that the Foundation transmits and OREKA TRAINING shares.
For this reason and much more we accompany Fundación Euskadi by being the official supplier of the team.

Synonymous with high quality.
Etxeondo works with exquisite attention to detail, an obsession, in the good sense, to achieve the best product, always using the best materials, the best suppliers and, of course, under careful quality control in each manufacturing process. Today, Etxeondo is a leader in cycling apparel and its name, all over the world, is synonymous with high quality.
This synergy between the two brands is reflected in the cycling kits that we have created together.

STT Systems
Innovative solutions for Motion Analysis .
Over 20 years of developing innovative products and solutions for Motion Analysis and Machine Vision applications and a wealth of experience in optical motion capture. This is how 3DMA was born: the definitive solution for the analysis of 3D cycling and the adjustment of the bicycle.
The combination of data capture from STT Systems’ system with OREKA TRAINING’s trainers, which allow you to balance your bike in the studio as if you were on the road, offers the most innovative and
disruptive technology available to Biomechanics and Fitters. This alliance allows optimal postural studies for athletes.