Oreka O5 RC: The first ergodynamic trainer

1204 customer reviews


The Oreka O5 trainer is best indoor bike trainer for those who love racing, great long distance, cyclocross or track events.

For indoor bike rollers with the highest standards of Oreka Training’s ergodynamic technology and for those who want a bike roller that accompanies them to all events and can be stored compactly. All this with the same performance as the Oreka O2: the possibility to train for hours on end without muscle overload or injuries typical of static bike rollers.


The Oreka O5 RC trainer is best indoor bike trainer for those who love racing, great long distance, cyclocross or track events.

For indoor bike rollers with the highest standards of Oreka Training's ergodynamic technology and for those who want a bike roller that accompanies them to all events and can be stored compactly. All this with the same performance as the Oreka O2: the possibility to train for hours on end without muscle overload or injuries typical of smart bike roller trainer.

Thus, the Oreka O5 is the perfect machine for those who want to train without pain and also need a roller that can be transported.

Roll like on the road with our indoor bike resistance trainer.

OREKA O5 RC: Smart bike roller trainer

Real road sensations with the safety of the indoor.

This is a patented system with two main features:

  • It transfers the balance of pedalling on the road to indoor training: you can stand up, sprint, etc. just like on the road.
  • It is a safe and simple system, with built-in sensors that guarantee smooth training.

The swing control is carried out by means of two pneumatic "muscles" that are intercommunicated by a central air tank. In this reservoir, the same pump used to pump up the tyres supplies the air to adjust the roll of the trainer to the cyclist's liking. In this way, in case of inflating to: 4 bars, we obtain a natural rocking that simulates the movement of the bicycle in any ascent when pedalling standing up. 6 bars, we obtain a more stable pedalling, which avoids the muscular overloads generated by static systems.

It should be noted that, independently of this swing, the Oreka O5 RC is a smart bike roller trainer thanks to its legs, so that efforts/sprinting at more than 2500 watts can be carried out without the roller moving or shifting.

Virtual bike trainer. Natural pedalling for training aimed at long-distance enthusiasts.

Dynamism and freedom of movement, absence of muscular overloads and the usual injuries caused by spending long hours on static rollers. To enjoy hours and hours of pain-free training with a totally natural pedalling action.

Smart bike roller trainer: a work tool for maximum performance. With the latest technological innovations.


The Oreka O5 RC is a virtual bike roller aimed at cyclists with a passion for competition. Athletes who love a challenge and who demand high quality products.

These professionals are an important source of information for Oreka Training in the innovation and development process, as they are the ones who push the products to the limit when it comes to preparing for complicated races and long-distance races.


For cyclists who follow the latest technologies and innovations and their application to sport. True sports athletes who live virtual competitions to the fullest and need high-quality products for their online challenges.

Like Training, they are a vital source of information for Oreka Training in the research and innovation process.


For them we achieve the same body kinematics as on the road, but in the studio. So, they can analyse the whole body: from feet to shoulders, left and right sides, spine analysis with cervical and lumbar segments. They not only scan the movement of the body, but also allow dynamic tracking of the plane of the bike.


We ensure that cyclists, duathletes and triathletes optimise their training time in gyms and hotels.

Hotels are increasingly becoming places of preparation for seasons or official accommodation for cycle touring events, as well as venues for intensive training programmers and even training centers for professional teams.

That's why we offer you the latest technology so that you can train without the weather frustrating your training programmers.

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Additional information

Weight 35 kg

1204 reviews for Oreka O5 RC: The first ergodynamic trainer

  1. Daniel

    ¡Estupendo rodillo!

    El balanceo que proporciona la tecnología ergoynamic es sensacional. Muy recomendable.

  2. Amy Dargan

    A great buy! It has the two things that mattered most to me when buying a trainer: no connection problems with Zwift and no pain in my knee. I can balance my bike, which brings me back to real pedaling from home.

  3. Daniel Jones

    I ordered the Oreka O5 RC after reading the good reviews, and today I can say that it is one of the best buys that I have ever made. Ideal for training at maximum performance without leaving home. No injuries since I got it and it is also a very comfortable bike trainer. I recommend it definitely.

  4. William Larsson

    After using it during the whole past winter season to get in shape for summer races, I can say that it has become a must for me. With the O5RC my sessions had become much more efective comparing to the ones before (when I used to train outdoors during winter), and thanks to the ergodynamic, I no longer hace back or knee pain after indoor sessions. I totally recommend it to anyone that lives in a country with hard winters but loves cycling!

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  6. Gregory

    J’ai achete cet home trainer mais j’ain un gros probleme. Je lessaie pour la 1ere fois aujourd’hui et quand je pedale il m’affiche 1000w sans que je force.. Avec une vitesse de 20km/h !!!!
    De plus, dans l’app Oreka, jai beau augmenter la resistance, cela ne fait rien. Je ne ressens aucune resistance supplementaire en pedalant.
    Merci de me contacter afin de resoudre ce probleme.

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  9. simon albert tan (verified owner)

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  29. Giuseppe

    Initially, I bought the roller in the first version (not RC) and had some problems probably related to the firmware version not being adequate. After contacting Oreka support (initially with some difficulty), they understood the problem and sent me the updated RC version of the roller as a replacement at their expense. I thank OREKA support for this. The new roller works perfectly, and confirms my first impression that it is a superbly constructed roller, mechanically it is light years ahead of competitive products. It responds quickly to changes in slope and not abruptly. The simulation of pedaling with the tilting side shocks is amazing. 10 and praise for the quality of construction and finish. 8 for technical support, a little late but effective.

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