T R A I N I N G  I N N O V AT I O N   




Transfer the balance of pedalling from the road to indoor training.

Dynamic and freedom of movement, reduction of muscle overloads and injuries due to spending
lots of hours in a static position.

It is a safe and simple system, with sensors that guarantee smooth training.
Dynamism and freedom of movement, absence of the muscular overload and the usual injuries of spending many hours on static rollers. To enjoy hours and hours of pain-free training in a totally natural way.
Completely natural pedalling that makes OREKA TRAINING the ideal training tool for deep-sea enthusiasts.



Pedal with no complications. Work out with no electricity.

The trainer works without having to plug it in thanks to the permanent magnet motor, which generate
its own energy. The trainer uses this energy to produce the required resistance.

It allows you to train outdoors and warm-up like a professional before races with all the features of a great trainer.

It also has an electric brake with electromagnets and permanent magnets, which generates its own energy. The roller uses this energy to generate and produce the necessary resistance.
It allows you to train outdoors and warm up like a professional before long-distance runs, cyclo-cross trials, with all the features of a great trainer.


Just get on and ride, no need for calibration.

In our trainers, resistance is produced by a magnetic field that is regulated and adjusted automatically.
This requires no maintenance or contact. So that you can concentrate on riding and getting the most out of your workout.


The is the perfect simulation of riding up and down hills.
At fixed speed.
Automatic resistance regulation depending on the route, achieving the necessary power
to cover any virtual route. It is possible to achieve high power even at low speed.

At fixed power.
Allows power-based training, based on the speed and resistance level of the trainer.


Easily transportable.
Foldaway frame for easy transport and storage.

It’s the end of heavy loads to be transported by hand. They are foldaway and easy to store.

The OREKA O5 model has been designed as a trolley system with wheels so it can be easily



Our research and development team have created the Oreka app: the perfect complement

to our range of trainers.

Once installed it allows you to:

/ Control the resistance of the trainer: the watts are shown on the screen as real watts and objective watts.

/ Workout without an internet connection. / Update the trainer’s software.
/ Show pedalling cadence (RPM).
/ The app is also compatible with a heart rate monitor and you can track the length of the session with a stopwatch.

It’s free and available for both Android and iOS devices.