tech ergodynamic


  • Real road sensations with the safety of an indoor bike roller trainer.
  • Mother technology, the one we are most proud of, the one that makes us different.
  • Patented system with two main features:
    • Transfers the balance of pedaling on the road to indoor roller training: you can stand up, sprint, etc. just like on the road.
    • Safe and simple, with built-in sensors that guarantee smooth training.
  • Dynamic and free-moving, without the muscle overloads and injuries that come with spending long hours on a static bike trainer. To enjoy hours and hours of pain-free training with a completely natural pedaling action.
  • A totally natural pedaling that makes Oreka Training the ideal training tool for long-distance cycling enthusiasts.

tech magnet fit

Magnet Fit

  • All you have to worry about is rolling.
  • The only bike roller trainer that does not need to be calibrated.
  • In our bike training roller, the resistance is produced by a magnetic field that is automatically regulated and adjusted by increasing or decreasing the current passing through the electromagnets.
  • This results in a functional resistance unit that requires no maintenance or contact. So, all you have to worry about is riding.

tech autowatt


  • The perfect simulation of climbs and flats. For training at fixed speeds or power levels.
  • At fixed speed. Automatic adjustment of the resistance according to the route, achieving the necessary power to cover any virtual route. The system stiffens when climbing and lowers in intensity on the flats, just like on the road. High power is possible even at low speeds.
  • At fixed power. The virtual cycling trainer software calculates the power based on the speed and resistance level of the training roller. Every cycling training roller has its own power curve depending on the speed and position of the resistance unit. In this way, a power-based training can be articulated independently of the speed and cadence applied.
  • Pedaling without complications.
  • For training without power supply.
  • The training roller works without a power supply thanks to the permanent magnet motor. This motor, together with the flywheel and the electronics, is configured to generate energy from movement. With this energy the roller communicates with the applications and controls the resistance unit.
  • It also has an electric brake with a row of electromagnets and a row of permanent magnets, which generates its own energy. The roller uses this energy to generate and produce the necessary resistance.
  • It allows you to train away from home and warm up like a pro before long-distance rides, cyclo-cross events, with all the features of a great trainer.

tech compact


  • Convenient to transport. Foldable structure for easy transport and storage.
  • The end of heavy loads to carry by hand. These bike rollers are foldable and easy to store. For warming up away from home before long-distance training, cycling events or track events.
  • In addition, the Oreka O5 and Oreka O7 models are designed with a trolley system with wheels for transport.

biomechanics 03


Pedal with no complications. Work out with no electricity.

  • The trainer works without having to plug it in, thanks to the permanent magnet motor. This engine, along with the steering wheel of inertia and electronic elements, is configured to generate energy from motion
  • With that energy, the trainer communicates with apps and controls the resistance.
  • It also has an electric brake with electromagnets and permanent magnets rows, which generate its own energy.
  • The trainer uses this energy to produce the required resistance. It allows you to train outdoors and warm-up like a professional before races with
    all the features of a great trainer.

Our technology

The training system that allows you to train at home just like you would on the road.

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