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Users and cyclists are increasingly asking us about the differences between our different models of bike rollers.

In fact, a new version of the Oreka O5 is now available: the Oreka O5 RC can be remotely updated and is equipped with a speed sensor.

The new Oreka O5 RC is now on the market. This is a bike training roller that, in addition to offering all the innovative features of the O5, is equipped with an internet software update option as well as a speed sensor. The new device is also equipped with a more powerful roller that increases the power up to 2500w.

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Improvements of the O5 RC compared to the O5:

  • Optimised power: up to 2500w
  • Includes a speed sensor: equipped with a speed sensor that, like the roller itself, includes bluetooth and Ant+ connectivity. It can be used with gps-watches, smartphones (using any bike application) and simulators such as Zwift, Bkool, Rouvy, etc.
  • Possibility of updating the control software through the new Oreka App for iOS or Android, connected with the roller via bluetooth.
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Shared features between Oreka O5 and Oreka O5 RC

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  • Ergodynamic:
    Avoid muscle strains in spite of riding on a static roller for long periods of time. Thanks to its extendible arms, the O5 RC prevents muscle stains as well as the normal strains that occur from spending many hours training on the roller. The extendible arms allow standing and sprinting as if you were riding on the road.
  • Plugless:
    Train without needing an electrical power supply. The training roller works without needing to plug in to a power supply thanks to the permanent magnet motor. Allows training outdoors and warm-up just like professionals prior to starting a long-distance or cycle-cross competition, with all the features of a great trainer.
  • Compact:
    Easy to transport. The frame can be folded for easy transport and storage. For warming-up outdoors prior to long-distance training sessions, cycling races or track events. The Oreka O5 RC model is designed with a trolley system with wheels for transport.

Do you want to know more? The Oreka O5 RC is now available for purchase on-line at our website. Easy, convenient and safe.

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