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Mikel Astarloza

Aerodynamics in cycling

The importance of aerodynamics for cyclists Historically speaking, the terms cycling and aerodynamics go hand in hand. For these purposes, aerodynamics could be defined as…
31 de January de 2022
Mikel Astarloza

Trainning zones

INTENSITY ZONES. THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE AEROBIC AND ANAEROBIC THRESHOLD There are three intensity zones clearly marked by different thresholds: The first zone goes from…
28 de September de 2021
Mikel Astarloza


Biomechanics is the science that studies the structure, function and movement of the human body. Each sport or discipline has its own peculiarities, so Biomechanics…
4 de August de 2021
Mikel Astarloza

Bike touring

One of the widest ranging words in the world of cycling is perhaps the term bike touring. I could dare to say that the bike…
4 de August de 2021
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